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I'm an artist, and I'm also studying full time on my second degree, my first is a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Visual Arts). My second degree is a bachelor's of crime and criminal justice (law). I love the supernatural. Anything magical and mystical, I'm into. I like a lot of different stuff, and it's kinda hard to pin my tastes down at times. I like a wide variety of music, 80s and PopAsia are my mains at the moment. I love books, and have a lot of different authors I enjoy. I've gotten seriously hooked on The Witcher series lately. I love all things magickal and I've never grown out of faeries. I love 80's fashion. My favourite Doctor Who companion is and will always be Ace. Anything else, feel free to pop in an ask.
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If you know me as Lilith Rain over there, I'm still the same person, just I have the same username as my youtube channel now. I used to have this title at some of the vampire roleplay forums I used to play at. Hm. I wonder if they're still there?

Blessed Be
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I read about this a few months back on one of the preppers pages, but this gentleman "Think Like A Cop - The Rest Of The Story" (over on youtube) explains it too. I thought I'd share that.

Update on the dumb ass from the entry, well if the group that were just caught do it again. The neighbour, their boss has been warned with a note. We'll be calling the police to press charges on them for trespassing on our property.
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I will be working on it after I've finished what needs doing for my CCJ29 Assignment. Then I'm going to sick my Odin on Chuck. Can you just see how excited he is about it?
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I don't want to give anything away for this but, Chuck, is still in the dark about everything, but not for long.
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It will be when you read your emails man.

Blessed Be
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I am down with the gastro flu and I know exactly where I caught it too. Had the person who had it actually stayed home, I wouldn't have caught it off them. I have a sneaky feeling I wasn't the only person infected by them. Then scowling at the customers after their boss heard them complaining to a customer trying to get sympathy for having to come into work. Giving everyone else ditry looks for their stupid idea to come in. If they thought they had it they should have stayed home and called in. As their boss said, they wouldn't have gotten the sack for having that but coming in and possibly infecting not just customers but staff too was a bloody stupid thing to do. So thanks to this genius, I've been bed ridden since last Friday. Since the 30th of last month.

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